Focaccina Story

Who are we?

Back in 2008 we opened our bar in the wonderful Piazzetta XX Settembre, in the heart of Conversano's historical centre. Despite the fact that things were going well, we wanted more: the label of bar was narrow to us and we wanted to do better.

In 2014 we took the decision to give it a try by turning our business upside down.

We focused on our passion for food and our values such as family, territoriality, tradition and the extraordinary Apulian culture. So we decided to sell only focaccine!

This is how the focaccina was born, a quality product that encapsulates local food excellence, and that makes you discover and appreciate more of our land with every bite. The union of the focaccina, made according to a recipe handed down through generations, with raw materials of excellent quality, such as Apulian food products, has been a success!

Today we have many different focaccine, a continuous coming and going of wonderful and loyal customers, a wonderful little girl waiting for us at home, and lots of plans to improve in the future!

A love story
made in Puglia

'How do you make a Focaccina? It's simple! You take what you like best and seal it between a slice of innovation and a slice of tradition'.

Deciding to change our work was not an immediate choice: we figured out how we could change for the better and worked hard to make it a reality.

Tradition guided us first: we chose to make focaccine based on Apulian focaccia, one of the many regional excellences of which we can boast. Then innovation took us by the hand and revolutionised everything!

The recipe for focaccine, in fact, was handed down to us by Vito's mother, but this recipe is constantly evolving. In fact, we are always looking for the perfect balance between the lightness of the dough, digestibility, eternal crunchiness, internal softness and, of course, a unique taste!

Ever since we started selling focaccine, we have had a frightening success, so much so that the orders were never ending and were increasing day by day!

We didn't give up and, on the contrary, we worked hard to please everyone! We collected our customers' suggestions on the little blackboards hanging in the restaurant, and created as many focaccine as they liked.

The focaccina story combines tradition and innovation, and mixes them in a way that enhances and complements each other.
- Tradition gives us the best ingredients and classic recipes.
-Innovation makes us discover new ingredients and creates new combinations.

The focaccina will always remain our protagonist, but we do not intend to stop: follow us on our social channels so as not to miss all the news coming soon. We are waiting for you to taste the flavours of our tradition with an eye always turned to the future!

So… are you hungry yet?